Westlake Revelations readers have a number of questions about last night’s tank article. Put simply, here’s what it all distills down to:

– the primary justification given for the tank is fire preparedness. you may hear other items, but fire is the core reason.

– if needed, the reservoir can provide 2000 times more water than the fire preparedness standard

– the cost of the tank is $9 million or $455 average per ratepayer (e.g., household). Will be more if costs continue to increase.

– building the tank would avoid the 1 in 350 chance in the next 30 years of needing to boil water during a catastrophe.

– LVMWD has far more water than necessary to meet the fire standard, and LA County Fire Department has never requested the tank be built.

The public should bear in mind that these circumstances have never occurred, and we’re finding it difficult if not impossible to envision a situation that they can even occur.

The tank is not approved until the final vote. Those interested in the outcome should express their opposition or support of the tank project to elected officials or LVMWD’s general manager. When you get a response, which you likely will — you will likely hear that the money for the tank is already in hand (which it is), but you should know that if the tank is not built, those funds can be used elsewhere … such as reducing future rate increases. In other words, one way or another, it affects your future rates (directly or indirectly). Many residents are also hearing back from LVMWD with other answers which are omitting facts, or have statements irrelevant to the situation at hand.

That said: As a major impact item for the ratepayers, citizens should make their views (pro or con) known to LVMWD General Manager David Pedersen DPedersen@lvmwd.com or call LVMWD at 818-251-2100. It’s the responsibility of voters, ratepayers, etc.. to speak up PRIOR to a vote. Now is the critical moment to make your feelings known about your cost of water service.

The next water district board meeting is Tuesday, Nov 26, at 5pm at LVMWD Headquarters. 4232 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, CA 91302.