The Westlake Village City Council has approved T-Mobile’s application to build a “wireless communication facility” on the Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District property. See earlier Westlake Revelations articles with pictures of the planned “mono-elm” camouflaged tree antenna. The T-Mobile installation would service T-Mobile customers for all services, and additionally E911 services for AT&T customers.

Councilwoman McSweeney recused herself due to proximity to the proposed facility. Mayor Rutherford, Mayor Pro Tem Davis, and Councilwoman Klessig voted in support of it. Councilman Slavin voted against it citing the HOA’s position and that Three Springs residents “didn’t want it.”

The conditions of approval include a variety of additional items. The “camouflaged support tower with antennas not to exceed 25 feet in height.” Furthermore, the conditions authorize an additional two towers with similar camouflage to accommodate additional carriers. Approval for these plans does not require another City Council vote and is at the discretion of the City’s Planning Director.

T-Mobile needs to build the tree within a year (although they can get a one year extension), and the permit shall expire in 2020. Should the antennas cease to operate for a period of six continuous months or longer, the owner will remove the antennas and any accessory equipment.

The communications equipment related to the antenna must be screened from view from the public streets. And, the “mono-elm” shall “incorporate the latest and best technologies available for camouflaging the antennas.” The screening devices will be installed to the satisfaction of the City’s Planning Director.