As we indicated a couple of weeks ago, we’re bringing online a new “online community” called the Westlake Village Forums. The “beta” of these forums are now ready for you to use, and give feedback on. (“Beta” means that we’re still ramping up, but you can use it now.)

The forums are designed to do two things — to allow our area to communicate, discuss and share; and to allow neighborhoods to do the same.

At the top of the forums is the “Community” section. Here, you’ll find forums for a variety of community wide topics.

At the bottom is the list of neighborhoods/HOAs. This is a great place for your HOA to keep people informed on announcements and issues, as well as for you and your neighbors to talk about things related just to your neighborhood. For example, block parties or neighborhood watch.

The HOA features were built based on comments from the community, but it’s up to each HOA to decide if it actively wants to participate or not. If you are a board member of an HOA or a management company, and would like more information about how we can help you maintain email lists, and such, drop us a line.

If you know a local business, encourage them to post special offers in the deals section. If you are interested in being a moderator of one of the forums, drop us a line.

Whatever your uses, go and check out the forums, and enjoy. Here’s the URL:

Happy Thanksgiving,

Neil Ticktin
Westlake Revelations
Westlake Village Forums