It’s the time of year for the city council to vote for a new mayor. As covered in earlier Westlake Revelations articles, the residents elect the city council for four year terms. The city council, in turn, once a year elects a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.

The outgoing mayor, Philippa Klessig, made a number of comments (below). The council elected Robert Slavin as the new Mayor, and Mark Rutherford as the Mayor Pro Tem. Both Mayor Slavin and Mayor Pro Tem have served in these roles in prior years. Judge Larry Myra swore in the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Judge Myra has honored the city in this role for the past 22 years.

For more information on the responsibility of the mayor and the selection process and history, see the prior Westlake Revelations article at

Outgoing Mayor

With signs of appreciation from state government, Las Virgenes Unified
School District, and the Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Klessig accepted a variety of presentations. In addition, there were a number of other comments and words of appreciation from fellow council members, staff and others.

Mrs. Klessig had a number of comments about the past year. The first word that comes to mind for Mrs. Klessig when describing the past year is “joy” for a great year. The Mayor went on further to say the last year has brought improvements to the parks, medians, landscaping … all in a more green and environmental way. Progress on the Westlake Village/YMCA Sports park. New street coverage with recycled tires (2.2 tires per resident).

Many studies have been done this year to better understand what could be done to further improve Westlake Village — cell reception improvements, sound walls and other sound solutions.

The city is working on a strategic plan to create a vision for the business district. Implementation of the curb side pick up of electronic waste, support of our local schools and technology in schools, as well as an expanded TGIF series and a larger city celebration.

With a diversified income base, the city has sound finances. With vigilance this year, the city will continue to be sound even in the current economic downturn.

Incoming Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem

Mr. Rutherford indicated that the size of the project list may be smaller for the coming year, but two projects … expanding the overpass, and the sports park … are among the largest in the city’s history.

Mayor Slavin spoke about how the city is run not by the council, but the city staff and led by City Manager Ray Taylor. The city council is more like a “board of directors” or policy makers. And, while the city will be “belt tightening”, the city will “not play any games” in terms of cutting any services to its residents.

Mayor Slaving believes that property values will be strengthened by a continued focus on the quality of life in the community.