On November 5th, the local area will be voting for local representatives. In Westlake Village and Agoura Hills, residents will be select 3 candidates for their City Council Members. For all those that fall in the Las Virgenes Unified School District, you’ll be selecting three candidates for school board.

The choices are below.

Since the Westlake Village City Council candidates forum, which you can see at:

WLV Council Candidates Oct 7 2013 Debate Video Available

Westlake Revelations readers have been asking questions about the candidates. Clearly, many readers clearly are looking to make an informed decision about candidates and who to vote for. At the links below is text from each candidate. This is unedited, and may or may not address the questions you have. Each candidate has provided a way to get more information from them, including how to contact them with questions.


City of Westlake Village, City Council:
Voters choose 3 candidates, highest 3 vote getters win

Brad Halpern, Challenger

Mark Rutherford, Incumbent

Don Rosenberg, Challenger

Susan McSweeney, Incumbent

Kymberly Horner, Challenger

More on LVUSD, Agoura Hills, below…


Las Virgenes Unified School District, Members of Board of Education:
Voters choose 3 candidates, highest 3 vote getters win

Mary Jo Ammon, Library Clerk: http://maryjoammon.com
Angela Cutbill, Community Volunteer: http://angelacutbill.com
Dallas Lawrence, Teacher/Father/Businessman: http://dallaslawrence.com
Ray Pearl, Nonprofit Executive Director: http://raypearl.com
Lesli Stein, Incumbent: http://leslistein.com


City of Agoura Hills, City Council:
Voters choose 3 candidates, highest 3 vote getters win

Denis Weber, Council member/Banker
William Koehler, Council member/Attorney
Harry Schwarz, Council member/Businessman
Chris Anstead, Oncology Marketing Executive
Meril Platzer, Doctor of Medicine


For City of Thousand Oaks, the next regular City Council election for 3 seats is scheduled for November 4, 2014

City of Hidden Hills, elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March of odd numbered years.