Lindero Canyon Middle School’s Jazz A class took a trip to the Reno Jazz Festival ( on Fri, and for the first time in the school’s history, Jazz A won. Lindero’s Combo group took 2nd place (and has won in the past) amongst 8 middle school combo groups at Reno.

The festival is for middle schools, multiple sizes of high schools, and junior and four-year colleges for Jazz, Jazz Combo, and Choir. Participants come from Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California. Several of the schools attending are private and magnet schools, as well as public schools like LCMS.

Thousands attend the festival each year since its inception in 1962. Reno Jazz Festival now ranks as one of the largest of its kind (in 2008, more than 9200 participants and guests attended).

Jazz A got a score of 95.4, the highest the school has ever received in the Jazz A competition. Last year, Jazz A tied for 5th place at the festival.

Brennan Leininger received the “Outstanding Performer” award for 2009 middle school musicians. Brennan, who began playing the bass just two years ago, played “Bass of Operations”.

LCMS’ Band Director Matt McKagan, and Combo Director Matt Finders, and all the LCMS jazz students returned from Reno this afternoon to a hearty welcoming committee complete with banners, balloons, and more to celebrate their accomplishments.