The neighborhood portion of the slurry sealing is now done, but will take up to a month to fully set. The balance of the schedule is now up at

The work on Triunfo Canyon Road will begin on Monday, August 18th, and is a considerable project done in three parts: pavement grinding, signal loop replacement, and finally, the asphalt overlay. This will take a bit to do (at least several days), and you should expect a rougher ride, etc… during this time.

Triunfo Canyon Road won’t ever be completely closed, but expect it to have lanes closed at times. In short, you should be prepared to be tolerant while the City’s contractors do this work, and those drivers that can go around via Westlake Blvd., may want to.

For those residential streets that are getting overlays, there will be notices up 72 hours in advance. For most of the smaller streets, the work goes very quickly, but you do need to be prepared to not only avoid parking on the street, but also avoid access through those streets during these periods.

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The city has done a great deal to explain the processes, and update the schedules as needed. You can see more information on all of it at

One of the things that has to happen in between the grinding and the new asphalt overlay is that “over 30 traffic signal advance detection loops will also have to be replaced at Three Springs Drive and Lindero Canyon Road.” These are the “sensors” that track cars so that the traffic signals can make more “intelligent” decisions as to when to change.

Slurry Quality

According to the City, “The neighborhoods portion of the 2008 slurry seal program was completed on July 28th.  Please note that the Type II Slurry product that was applied is a thicker product which is designed for a longer wearing surface.  Given the thickness of the product, it takes longer to cure.  It will remain soft or pliable for a couple weeks after application, creating small divots or â??checksâ? where power steering movements occur.  It will also lose some of its surface fines for 3 to 4 weeks until it is fully set.  These conditions are expected, but nonetheless this new slurry work will continue to be monitored by the City Engineer.  The check marks that do not ‘flatten out’ with traffic usage will be remedied prior to project close-out.”

The non-neighborhood slurry projects is currently scheduled for mid-September. This is along Lindero Canyon Road between Triunfo Canyon Road and Foxfield Drive/Lakeview Canyon Road.