For those that attend Lindero Canyon Middle School, you’ve been long hearing about the renovation/expansion of the almost 40 year old campus. That project has now started in ways that are very visible.

The entire school has been moved to the classrooms previously occupied by Yerba Buena Elementary School (the Southern side of the property). The offices have been moved to temporary facilities as well. The old staff parking lot (on the west side) is completely gone (moved to where the basketball courts were), and a new parent drop off on the Southwest edge is nearly complete.

In short, you should be prepared for a lot of change. Principal Ron Kaiser, his staff, and the district, are focused on continuing to be a school, with the strong LCMS community feeling that it has been in years prior. Safety and student learning are the stated priorities as the project starts until it is done.

That said, there will almost definitely be “hiccups”. And, those that go in with a “go with the flow” approach and attitude, will likely have a whole lot easier time as the new facilities are built.

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For those that know the buildings by letter, buildings E, G, and K will be staying and the rest of the prior LCMS side of campus will be demolished. The gym continues to be accessible. All the constructions are now clearly delineated with “green” fencing so that there’s no question to the construction workers, staff or students as to where construction takes place.

All of the Yerba Buena buildings will stay in place (for use by Lindero students) until the second phase, after students move back into the new buildings.

In place of the old LCMS buildings will ultimately have a new, two-story building housing “state of the art science classrooms along with dozens of new classrooms, and a new library media center.”

The demolition work will begin once the Division of the State Architect completes their review of the plans (as required by law). The project will be funded by Measure “G” funds and is expected to take 2 1/2 years to complete. The project is being managed by Team Concepts Development.

8th Grade Lawn, and Lockers

Of course, all the 8th graders want to know about the “8th Grade Lawn” and lockers. In short, they are both gone. The gym locker allocation, however, will work the same way that they did before.

8th graders will be given a second set of textbooks so that they aren’t lugging them to and from school.

With that all in mind, LCMS is sensitive to the loss of the 8th Grade Lawn and lockers, and are looking at ways to make the 8th grade more special. If you have suggestions, the school welcomes them from parents and students. They ask that you submit them (in writing) to the school office for consideration.