Many readers have noted that the gas station at the corner of Lakeview Canyon and Agoura Road has been removed, and are wondering what is up. The property is actually owned by the Westlake Village Inn, and has been leased to various operators for years. They’ve long been pondering a better use that would be more compatible with the Westlake Village Inn’s image, ambience, and services.

While there’s no development application yet filed with the City of Westlake Village, Westlake Village Inn’s General Manager tells us that they are planning on building “central gathering point” for people to come and enjoy the village environment in Westlake Village.

Specifically, they are looking at building about 8000 sq. ft. of boutique retail in a two-story building. Included in their concept is a “first class” bakery, a florist, and high end retailers. They are looking for a relatively small, European style build out, “oriented with a beautiful look and thematically tie in with the hotel”. A fountain on the corner is expected to be the focal point, with a Mediterranean feel.

The City will need to review and approve the interim landscape plans prior to installation. They are working on plans now, and then will need to go before the City for approval. Their hope is to break ground on the new building sometime the middle of next year.