Earlier this week, LVMWD Board of Directors heard a report on the judging of the submissions for “Call for Suggestions” for alternatives to the water tank that LVMWD is expected to officially approve for construction by the end of the year. According to LVMWD’s General Manager, the “intent [of the contest] was to seek creative, out of the box thinking alternatives to the 5 million gallon water tank.”

The winner of the contest — for the best alternative to the 5 million gallon LVMWD water storage tank — is:

        A 5 million gallon water storage tank.
        Using a slightly different construction method (e.g., post-tensioned wire wrapped inside the tank).
        Submitted by Tony Galterio, Colorado Engineering Firm

The second place was awarded to:

        Calleguas Water District Interconnection
        Lower cost than the tank. Additional benefits beyond what the tank can provide.
        Because the idea was submitted before, it scored low on “creativity” hence the 2nd place.
        Submitted by Martin Jansen, a LVMWD customer from Agoura Hills

Criteria was set by the Board of Directors. The weighting of each judging point was determined by the five member panel. There were 10 entries submitted. Two were not judged since they were more comment than suggestions.

Because the design standard in California favors different items, such as seismic, the LVMWD General Manager believes first place submission, from Colorado, is not the best choice when compared to the existing, approved design for the 5MG tank.

You can see the video for yourself at:
The agenda item starts 8:45 into the meeting video.

Judging Panel

The judging panel was made up of the following people:

Neil Maithel (Community Member) City of Calabasas – Environmental Committee Member Student
Calabasas High School

Ramiro Adeva, P.E. (CityEngineer) Director of Public Works/City Engineer
City of Agoura Hills

W. David Byrum, P.E. (ConsultingEngineer) Senior Vice President
Civiltech Engineering, Inc.

David Pedersen, P.E. (General Manager)
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

Lee Renger (Director)
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District