Tonight, City of Westlake Village Council member Philippa Klessig announced that she, and her husband Karl, are putting their Westlake Village home on the market, and will be moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico to retire. A council person needs to live in the City, so when the house sells, and they move, she plans to step down. Until that time, however, Klessig says that she will continue actively as a council member.

Full Announcement

Mrs. Klessig made the following comments at tonight’s council meeting.

“There’s quite some excitement in the Klessig horizon here today. Karl and I have decided not only when to retire but where we’re going to retire. And, this is really difficult because how you compare anywhere else to Westlake Village, even this wonderful whole Conejo Valley. It was really difficult.

But I have to say, we have become enchanted with the land of enchantment — Santa Fe, New Mexico. So, our house is actually going on the market November 1.

So I want to stop the rumors and tell you all that’s happening. I am not stepping down at this point. The house could take a month, it could take six months, to sell in this kind of market.

And, I plan to be just as active and thorough as I have been for the last 11 years. I love this area. I love working with everybody here. It’s been an honor. It’s been a joy. So, that’s kind of in a nutshell what’s up.

And then, when it happens, the council has sought input from Mr. Boga at that time we’ll look at whether we run another election or an appointment at that time.”

Mayor Rutherford went on to clarify “There is a code section that addresses that. So, your intent is for Santa Fe to become your residence?” Mrs. Klessig said “Exactly.”

Rutherford continued “But until someone else makes an offer, and actually closes on your house…” Mrs. Klessig explained “You don’t need to step down when your house is for sale, only when, obviously when you move, you’re not going to be here.”