This coming Tue, December 23rd, LVMWD will doing a “heavy construction” day for the controversial tank project in Westlake Village. This day will have a concrete truck going in or out of Three Springs an average of once every 3.5 minutes starting at 7am (58 trucks in, and out). The trucks are expected to travel through Westlake Village, up Lindero Canyon, onto Triunfo Canyon, and into Three Springs. They will exit Three Springs onto Triunfo to Westlake Blvd through the City of Thousand Oaks side of Westlake Village.

Because the week of December 22nd is the first week of winter break for local LVUSD students, the City of Westlake Village and the Three Springs neighborhood has requested that LVMWD delay the heavy construction day until after the new year. LVMWD has replied with minor increases to their safety procedures for truck traffic. To date, the project has had at least two serious near traffic incidents, in addition to the near miss “pipe incident” on Oct 1.

The water district has not yet notified residents of the heavy construction day. And, the date is subject to change — including for weather. A few days prior to heavy construction day, LVMWD may make more details available.