Between now and Feb 7, we’ll give you periodic updates on the Reader’s Digest Contest to vote for Westlake Village. The subject line will always start with “Contest Update” so that you can easily ignore the messages if you choose.

As written earlier, Reader’s Digest has a contest running for people to vote for their home town. The winning town (for the size of Westlake Village) can win $10,000 towards a community project. If you want to promote this, you can vote up to 10 times a day by repeatedly hitting the “Cheer!” button on the left side of the screen. To vote, you do need to register with your name, address, and email, but you can uncheck the buttons so that you are not on the indicated mailing lists.

Westlake Revelations readers have done well so far. Westlake Village started off at a rank of about 4000. As of this writing, Westlake Village ranks 445 with 346 votes. If it keeps up with readers taking a moment to vote each day, and vote ten times when they log in, Westlake Village stands a decent chance of winning. (Remember, the overall rank doesn’t matter — it’s the rank compared to other cities of the same size).

If Westlake Village wins, the anticipation is that it would go to the new community park when constructed. Presumably, this would take place through the Westlake Village Foundation, the organization chartered with raising money for the above ground improvements in Phase 2 of the project alongside the City of Westlake Village and the Triunfo YMCA. (Phase 1 is fully funded.)

To vote, use this URL: