As you may remember, Sunrise Retirement would like to purchase the site of the old Westlake Hospital (on Lakeview) and build an independent/assisted living facility.

Unlike most other properties, where developers have extensive rights associated with the property, this property is zoned “Public Institutional” which essentially means that the City Council can “veto” proposed developments.

Since the introduction of this development, Sunrise has scaled back the property by 9% (in terms of units), and 17% (in terms of square footage). The FAR (floor area ratio) is .80 (max city code allows it .50), height remains 35 ft, Lakeview setbacks increased substantially, and landscaping increased some.

With this new proposal, the City Council has two choices on Feb 13:

a) reject the proposed plan, or

b) approve a package of changes/variances including:
    – changing the definition of “Public Institutional” in the City’s
      General Plan to include independent/assisted living facilities,
    – grant variance for a higher than normally permitted FAR
      (floor to area ratio)
    – grant variance for 3 stories instead of the permitted 2,
    – grant variance for underground parking.

Your opinion counts: Vote in the Westlake Revelations straw poll by February 8th (but don’t wait, do it now), and we’ll present the results prior to the vote a few days later. See

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First, if you aren’t familiar with Sunrise, here’s a quick background followed by links to all the prior Westlake Revelations articles written on this.

Sunrise Retirement is proposing to amend the City’s “General Plan” to change the definition of “Public Institutional Zone” so that they can build an independent living facility on the old Westlake Hospital site. Westlake Village’s City Council has the ability to vote for or against this change.

The Sunrise proposal was for 210 units, now it’s for 190 (150 of which are independent living apartments starting at a cost of about $4000/mo. including utilities, other services at additional cost). This is different from a nursing home, or assisted living. Features include such things as dining, library, multi-purpose room, exercise areas, spa, massage therapy, transportation services and more are part of the proposal. And, these are starting prices: if they follow trends, they will increase over time.

Because the property is zoned the unusual “Public Institutional” zoning type, the City can vote to leave the zoning definition as is (which would not allow for the Sunrise development). While no development can move forward without the consent of the current owners (HCA/Los Robles Hospital), many have made the suggestion that the city investigate options such as Community Center, Park, Pool, Dog Park, Garden, Museum … or just leave for future development. At this time, however, the City Council simply has the approve/disapprove decision before them on Sunrise.

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Church Support

There are always those for and against a proposal, but in this project, the support from the Westminster Presbyterian Church stands out. Aside from the general reasons of just wanting or not wanting the Sunrise project, Sunrise will give the church an acre of the property to use for parking … something the church needs.

Currently, the church uses parking from the old Westlake Hospital property courtesy of HCA. If parking (under any owner of that property) were to go away, it would be very hard on the church and the area around there.

Most concepts that people have suggested for use of the property (such as community center, dog park, etc…) would allow for church parking. But, these concepts are not current proposals; they are ideas that people have, and they may or may not come to fruition. That said, there are many in the community that believe that church parking should be a requirement of any future proposal.

Straw Poll

A couple of common questions on the straw poll.

* Each person in your household can vote as long as they have a separate email address. So you should definitely forward to your spouse and others if you’ve not done so.

* We won’t be releasing the results until the poll is closed as that typically can skew results in a survey.

* You can vote if you are outside of the City of Westlake Village. Just mark which city you are in (question 2).

* Your answers will be kept confidential, only statistical results will be released.

* The poll will be open through February 8th, but don’t wait, vote now at

* The location of the old Westlake Hospital is near First Neighborhood in Westlake Village, on Lakeview between Agoura Road and Lindero Cyn.

Updated Proposal Stats

Sunrise: Westlake Village Summary

Address 4415 Lakeview Canyon Drive
Westlake Village, CA
Site Area 284,012 square feet/6.52 Acres
Design Parameter EIR Submittal Revised Proposal
Lot Coverage 34.60% 31%
(Floor Area Ratio)
0.95 0.80
Height 35 ft 35 ft
Lakeview Setback
1st & 2nd Floors 24 ft 62 ft / 75 ft
3rd Floor 30 ft 174 ft / 184 ft
Watergate Setback
All Floors 164 ft 172 ft
Building Area
Basement 105,000 sf 57,040 sf
1st Floor 98,260 sf 87,621 sf
2nd Floor 93,266 sf 77,432 sf
3rd Floor 79,672 sf 60,947 sf
Total 1-3 271,198 sf 226,000 sf
Landscape Area
Landscape 87,369 sf / 30% 99,800 sf / 35%
Paving 98,383 sf / 36% 96,591 sf / 34%
Independent Living 169 150
Assisted Living 40 40
Total Units 209 190
Surface Parking 24 34
Underground Parking 200 137
Total Parking 224 171