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I’ve had a number of questions on the USPS Zip Code change — with people asking “what is the bottom line?”.

Westlake Revelations, to date, has simply presented facts so you can make up your own mind. But, to give “bottom line” descriptions, we can only do so with taking the considerable education we’ve gotten on this topic, and drawing conclusions for it.

As a result, you should consider this post as an “editorial”, and unlike all other Westlake Revelations articles to date.

The USPS initially gave 3 reasons for the change:
– they are near capacity at the current facility
– they need to make room for new equipment
– better service and efficiency

I asked Richard Maher, USPS Spokesperson, questions to get more information. As he investigated each of these and responded, he found and gave me answers that either retracted, negated, or invalidated all 3 reasons stated above.

In other words, we’ve found ALL THREE REASONS GIVEN are either mistaken information, no longer the case, or an incomplete picture. Here’s the conclusions we’ve now drawn.

*IF* the zip code changes:

* Service: Some customers MAY get their mail up to 60 minutes earlier
– this will only make a difference to an estimated 5% of customers
– most customers will notice no discernable difference

* Efficiency: USPS wants to shift costs to its private truck contractors
– Costs savings are short term: contractors will have to raise prices
– long term, costs will likely increases because of extra distance
– Most mail will have to travel 50 miles FURTHER with new zip
– regardless of short term cost savings, not good for environment
– Using Oxnard sorting facility adds a step, opening up for more error

* Cost to community
– aside from hassle, community to incur costs to change to new zip
– expect confusion from all who use zip codes for uses beyond mail
– expect some delay in mail that uses the old zip code after first year

Hope that explains it more succinctly.

The cities of Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks are NOT in control of this situation, although you are welcome to send them comments so that they have feedback to provide to the USPS and congressional offices.

City of Westlake Village, use this form:

City of Thousand Oaks including Newbury Park, 805 portion of Westlake Village: Send email to

Congressman Waxman (chairs the oversight committee that is over the USPS):

Congressman Gallegly’s office has not been responsive on this issue, but you are welcome to contact them through

Neil Ticktin
Founder, Westlake Revelations