Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District tonight held a meeting where they were expected to vote on the water storage tank above Three Springs. After public comments were completed, the Board recognized that there may be confusion in the public about possible options, and more importantly, that there may be additional options worth considering including the possibility of building a permanent access road that doesn’t go through any HOA.

The Board deferred voting on which water storage tank side (A or C) would be best until after it understands a possible choice for access.

The Board is made up of five directors. Division 3 covers Westlake Village, and is covered by Director Joseph Bowman.

Director Charles Caspary suggested that the Water District may be better served by a more permanent solution of an access road that allowed LVMWD to access their facilities without going through a neighborhood like Three Springs. In a somewhat bizarre exploration of parliamentary procedure, Director Caspary formed a motion seconded by Director Barry S. Steinhardt. Directors Caspary, Steinhardt, and Bowman all voted in favor of the preliminary exploration of other ideas.

Directors Renger and Peterson voted against the motion.

Because the motion (created on the fly) passed, the vote on site selection is deferred for now. LVMWD Staff has been directed to do preliminary investigation on another option to see if it’s at all viable.