Tomorrow, the Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District Board will consider and likely vote on the tank location for the proposed water storage tank in Three Springs. According to LVMWD, “The proposed storage tank is part of a series of water system improvements designed to increase the potable water distribution system’s operating efficiency, with expanded capacity to meet peak summer water and emergency supply demands.”

LVMWD spokesperson confirms that the decision to do the tank, while expected, has not yet been officially made. This is the vote to do that. LVMWD staff is recommending site “A” which is the location closest to Torchwood in Three Springs.

Assuming the Board votes to proceed, the design process is expected to take approximately 1 year, and construction is expected to take 18 months beginning January 2013.

In July, LVMWD conducted a workshop at the LVMWD Filtration Plant above Three Springs. Unlike the July workshop where topics and questions were limited by LVMWD both about the storage tank, as well as related topics, by law the public is open to speak to the Board within the time allotted at the Board meetings.

The construction project is expected to have 600+ concrete truck trips through Three Springs, in addition to labor, and other materials. According to LVMWD spokesperson, LVMWD is working with the City of Westlake Village and the Three Springs HOA to mitigate impact, but no formal plans have been made until after the Board gives project approval, and the design takes a more definitive direction.

The meeting will take place at:

12/13/2011 5:00 PM
Location: District Headquarters
4232 Las Virgenes Road
Calabasas, California 91302

The official agenda item is below.

From LVMWD Board Agenda
December 13, 2011 LVMWD Regular Board Meeting

TO: Board of Directors
FROM: Facilities & Operations
Subject: Backbone Improvement Program – 5-Million Gallon Tank


The Backbone Improvement Program includes transmission main improvements in Agoura Hills and Calabasas, the expansion of Westlake Filter Plant from 15 to 18 million gallons a day, modernization of the Westlake Pump Station and construction of a 5-million gallon tank near Las Virgenes Reservoir. These improvements will meet near term and future deficiencies in the backbone system. The deficiencies are the ability to meet peaking demand, the ability to meet annual demand, needed storage in the backbone system for fire protection and domestic service and the ability to take an additional 1,000 acre-feet out of the reservoir to offset more costly Tier II water and provide supply during an emergency.

Two sites are under consideration for the tank at Las Virgenes Reservoir. Site A is located near the south abutment of the Saddle Dam and Site C is located across the lake. Both sites have advantages and disadvantages as presented at the July 30, 2010 workshop and past Board presentations. Site A is less costly than site C (estimated at $1,000,000 less), is closer to the filtration plant, has more operational advantages and has greater opportunities for screening.

Various concerns have been raised by the community that include the risk of Valley Fever, alternative excavation techniques and public safety. These concerns will be addressed at the December 13, 2011 Board meeting. Experts will be available at the board meeting to address these issues. The District’s commitment to work closely with the community and the City of Westlake Village will continue throughout design and construction.
Staff is recommending Site A as the preferred site.


Direct staff on the preferred site for the 5-million gallon tank at the Las Virgenes Reservoir and direct staff to proceed with retaining a design consultant for the project.

Prepared By: David R. Lippman, Director of Facilities & Operations