Recently, residents have noticed that much of the work for the Lindero Canyon overpass has been completed, but that the road is full of potholes and very rough. Here’s a quick update on the project.

It’s best for the overlay work (i.e., repaving) to take place at night. It costs less, and it’s far less intrusive to the community when compared to having to close the overpass during the day. The permits are already in place, but this type of work requires a MINIMUM overnight temperature of 50 degrees for the new asphalt to bond with the existing asphalt. There’s a specific set of steps for the work, so the temperature needs to not only be warmer, but it has to fall at the right period of time.

What’s been done to date?
– The bridge had two lanes in each direction, now there are three in each direction.
– The bridge was seismically retrofitted
– A wider sidewalk for pedestrians crossing the bridge with lighting was installed (the west side sidewalk was removed)
– A lighted walkway was built from Agoura Road to the Bridge
– On-ramps have improved sight distance and view for pedestrians/vehicles
– Left turns from off ramps improved with removal of the center raised median
– Better vehicle flow for turns at Lindero and Agoura Road.

What’s left to do?
– Installation of freeway signs
– Assorted minor clean up items
– Completion of the “plant establishment” period
– And of course, the major one: overlay of Lindero Canyon Road from Via Colinas to Agoura Road.-