There have been some updates and developments in between when the last article was written, and now.

City of Westlake Village

Bob Slavin and Mark Rutherford have both filed (actually, they both filed prior to the last article being published, but after the article was written) and have been verified. Sue McSweeney has filed, and shortly should confirm the re.

If no other candidates file, the positions would be uncontested, and the council will have the option to vote to skip the election and save the City an estimated $25,000 in costs. This has been done this once before in the City’s history.


There are now more candidates for the LVUSD Board of Educaiton than there are seats. This means that an election must take place for at least the seats on the four year terms.

LVUSD Candidates are currently:

Governing Board Member, Term Ends Dec 2013:
Diane Combes (Ventura County)
Dave Moorman (LA County)
Lesli Stein (LA County)
F. Gordon Whitehead (LA County)

Governing Board Member, Term Ends Dec 2011:
Cindy Iser (LA County)

This marks the first time LVUSD has had a candidate from Ventura County (the majority of the district is within LA County).