For the past few months, many of the capital projects within the city of Westlake Village have been on hold pending the approval of funds for the Lindero overpass. This is money that would be approved by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (commonly known as the MTA). The MTA manages most local funds, and state funds spent locally for transit projects. The MTA approved the $8.5 million that the city asked for to improve the Lindero overpass.

Recently, with the recent budget cuts the state made to pass the state budget, many were concerned that the MTA may not grant these funds. The MTA approval was a unanimous vote.

What are the plans for the overpass?

The Lindero overpass project plans (where Lindero crosses the 101) include a series of upgrades designed to improve the traffic flow on Lindero between Agoura Road to Via Colinas. The idea is to add one additional lane in each direction on the 101 overpass. This would come not from a widening of the bridge, but instead, a reduction of median down the center.

As for Agoura Road headed east, there will be two left turn lanes onto Lindero. On westbound Agoura Road, there will be two right turn lanes. In addition, at Via Colinas, there will be two right turn lanes onto the freeway. And, there may be on ramp improvements from the 101 at Lindero which may be especially important since so much of the office building traffic comes from well outside the city limits.

The next steps are for the plans to be finalized, and approved by the MTA. Those plans are well underway. And, given the pre-planning that the City staff has already done, it’s possible that the improvements could break ground by sometime next year.