Today, Ron Kaiser announced he would be retiring from Lindero Canyon Middle School after 21 years at the school. Ron will be taking a new position supporting the District. Full letter from Mr. Kaiser to the parents below.

Ron will be working as an administrator on special assignment assisting with the District’s Independent Study program, helping the District with the implementation of Common Assessments and serve as the administrator for the Student Attendance and Review Board (SARB).

Letter from Ronald Kaiser
13 June 2011

Dear Parents:

Leading Lindero for twenty-one years has been a distinct honor, and I am immeasurably proud of our accomplishments.

I celebrated a birthday on Saturday to be once again reminded that we cannot stop time. The truth is that while I have been contemplating retirement, the challenge of construction has energized me. The major work now has been completed, and our students have experienced a spectacular new campus this year.

Recently Dr. Zimring, our superintendent, presented an opportunity for me to continue to support our district in a limited but challenging way. I accepted that offer.

Today I announce my retirement as principal of Lindero Canyon Middle School.

Lindero is a special place, a jewel in our community. I am confident that the next principal will take our school to even greater heights, and that Lindero will continue to soar. My promise is that I will be here to ensure a smooth transition.

My job has been thrilling and challenging, demanding and wonderful. I have been sustained by your positive feedback and by the stunning accomplishments of our students and teachers.

Throughout the years my vision has been simple and clear: hire the finest teachers, teachers who genuinely enjoy the middle school child; give those teachers freedom and support; ensure that learning is a shared responsibility between parent and child and teacher; insist on creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving; nurture the arts because the arts nurture our humanity; create a school environment where students are happy to learn and parents are proud and appreciative.

Thank you for your wonderful support over the years. I have so deeply valued working for you and your children.

I have loved and will always love this place.


Ronald Kaiser