Good afternoon,

With all the activities of the Presbyterian Church and in First Neighborhood this weekend, there are some questions that I’ve been asked about the Sunrise development that I’d like to clarify.

* Sunrise is reportedly now donating 1 acre of property to the Presbyterian Church next door to the proposed development, not just letting the Church use it as we were told before. That donation would be worth an estimated $3 million.

* The proposed Sunrise project is 272,000 sq ft on about 5.5 acres (after the donation). Lot coverage is an estimated 35%, and the building is 3 stories (but within existing height limits).

* To put this in perspective, the Lowe’s/Retail/Restaurants proposal was 227,000 on 21+ acres (the Lowe’s itself was 168,700 sq. ft.). The existing Costco is 136,000 sq ft. on approximately 10 acres. The existing Sunrise development near the golf course is reportedly 70,000 sq. ft.

* No EIR or other impact reports have been completed so far so there’s no factual data on traffic. That said, this development may not have as much traffic as a traditional apartment building since Sunrise is intending to provide transportation services (e.g., van pool), and other in-house services.

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At the request of the community, we’ve now extended the straw poll so that it’s through 8pm on Tue, Feb 27th to give you extra time, but don’t wait, vote now.

As always, drop me a note with any questions.