The “big event” will occur this weekend. I-405 is going to close, completely, for just over 2 full days. Northbound will be closed for 10 full miles, between U.S. 101 and I-10. Southbound will be closed between U.S. 101 and Getty Center Drive. While the closure will start at 10pm on Friday July 15th and continue through 5am on Monday July 18th, ramps and connectors in the area will be closed starting as early at 7pm on the 15th, and reopen by 6am on the 18th. More information at:

The Sheriff Dept has released information and suggestions for our local area. Specifically, they are suggesting to refrain from traveling within the affected or adjoining areas? Below is specific information, from our local Sheriff station, regarding our affected areas, including an FAQ and maps.

* MTA and CALTRANS is/will be directing detour traffic through Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Chatsworth, Malibu, and Topanga, in order to bypass the 405 FWY closure

* The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority says 500,000 vehicles travel the stretch of interstate on a typical mid-July weekend

* Sheriff?s Department Emergency Operation Bureau (EOB) will be activated and monitoring events

* EOB will be co-located with other concerned government entities (FIRE, MTA, CALTRANS, CHP, LAPD, etc.)

* During the Day and PM shifts, EOB will be providing approximately 50 additional Department personnel to MLH

* MLH will be utilizing its Sub-EOC to coordinate and direct the 50 Department personnel

* Mission of the 50 Department personnel is to be deployed in areas in the attempt to ease traffic conditions and assist MLH field personnel to travel to calls for service

* Expect gridlock throughout the main arteries leading from 101FWY to the 118 FWY and 10 FWY

* Expect Topanga CYN., Las Virgenes CYN., Kanan Rd., and PCH, to be the most impacted

* Expect cross-traffic to and from the main arteries to be also impacted

* Expect gridlock, regardless how many deputies, CHP, LAPD, etc., are present

* If the temperatures rise in the “valleys,” expect PCH to perform even worse than a hot Fourth of July weekend, excessive gridlock and extended travel time


* Residents: Prepare/Shop prior to Friday, stay home

* Businesses: Expect delays for employees within and around the expected affected areas

* Plan to be inconvenienced, however, hopefully due to publicity, gridlock nor inconvenience will occur!

Frequently Asked Questions

What work will be done?

The Contractor will demolish and reconstruct the Mulholland Dr Bridge. The demolition will be staged, allowing the southern half of the Mulholland Dr Bridge to be demolished July 16 and 17, followed by approximately eleven months of south side bridge reconstruction. Then, the northern half of the Mulholland Dr Bridge will be demolished and reconstructed.

What does bridge demolition preparation consist of?

Prior to demolition, traffic will be reconfigured, traffic signals and signs will be relocated, and the work zone will be separated from the traffic with concrete barriers. A construction work zone and yard will be established near the bridge. Existing wood from inside the bridge will be removed.

When will work begin and end?

Bridge demolition will occur July 16 and 17. Bridge reconstruction will last approximately eleven months for the southern half and then eleven months for the northern half of the bridge.

What time will crews be working?

At times, crews will be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week during both the demolition and reconstruction of the Mulholland Dr Bridge.

Will there be closures of the I-405 and the actual Mulholland Dr Bridge?

Yes. During the demolition, you can anticipate closures of the I-405 in both directions and the Mulholland Dr Bridge itself. Northbound I-405 will be closed between I-10 and US 101. Southbound I-405 will be closed between US 101 and the Getty Center Dr ramps. These closures will take place during an entire weekend of demolition. The Mulholland Dr Bridge will also be closed intermittently during reconstruction. The closures are needed to protect the public. Once the demolition is complete, the bridge reconstruction continues for approximately eleven months.

Will local access be impacted?

Yes, but only during demolition and occasionally during reconstruction. The I-405 Freeway will be closed in both the north and south directions for an entire weekend July 16 and 17. Detailed information, including detour and alternate routes, will be available at prior to work starting.

Will there be other expected impacts?

The reduction of traffic lanes on the bridge during construction will result in a reduction of lane capacity on the bridge.

Will the Mulholland Dr Bridge be open to traffic during reconstruction?

Yes. The Contractor will maintain one lane of traffic in each direction across the Mulholland Dr Bridge. Occasionally there may be night hours when traffic on the bridge will be restricted.

Is the I-405 Project coordinating its work with other projects near the freeway?

Yes, the project team continually coordinates with the City of Los Angeles and its departments to minimize impact on other projects and traffic flow through the Sepulveda Pass.
Bridge and freeway closures will be coordinated with emergency responders. Access for emergency responders will be maintained at all times throughout the demolition and reconstruction of the Mulholland Dr Bridge.

What safety measures will be used?

During preparation for the demolition, k-rail (concrete barriers) will be placed on Mulholland Dr Bridge to protect the public and the construction crews during reconstruction. Full freeway closures in both the north and south directions will be implemented during bridge demolition to protect the public from any falling debris.

Who can I contact regarding this fact sheet?

You may contact Metro Community Relations at 213.922.3665 or via e-mail at Updates will be available at that reflect all closures, dates and detours related to this activity. In addition to the website, you can >nd information on Facebook, Twitter and Nixle. Free accounts can be opened at, and

What will the new bridge look like?

The reconstructed Mulholland Dr Bridge will be widened, lengthened, and look similar to the existing bridge.