Several weeks back, Google announced that they would select some communities for a very high speed fiber network at a competitive cost. Becoming a “Google 1GB Fiber” city has been a focus of cities across the country. (You may have seen national news items where cities renamed themselves, or pulled other PR stunts.)

The reason for the surge of interest is that 1GB Fiber is approximately 100x faster connection than a decent cable modem, and 650x faster than DSL for many parts of Westlake Village.

This week, the applications are due, and Westlake Village has it’s application in, and has produced a video supplement to the application. Keep in mind, this video is not targeted at the community, or users, but actually specifically for Google as part of the City’s application. See the 2 minute video now at: featuring Mayor Rutherford, and Mayor Pro-tem Davis.

What you can do to voice your opinion?

Don’t just leave it to others. Act. Speak up. Do your part.

Whether you are for it, or against it, contact the City of Westlake Village, and express you concerns or support — as specifically as possible.

If you are interested in supporting this measure to Google (they only take support), you should take a moment and do a couple of things.

First, link to this Facebook page as a fan:!/pages/Bring-Google-Fiber-for-Communities-to-Westlake-Village-CA/336816578240

Second, Google is encouraging the community to send in applications as well. It takes about 1-2 minutes to complete if you are interested in supporting the bid for Westlake Village.

The more people Google sees on Facebook, or filing applications, the more support they will see from the community. In other words, don’t leave it to others to do.