Next week begins the couple week period where the city accepts applications for those running for the council. When the application period is over, Westlake Revelations will be providing each candidate with a web page to state their views, etc… in their own words. In the Fall, Westlake Revelations be moderating a candidates debate, based on questions from Westlake Revelations readers. The debate will be hosted at the Oak Forest community center. Westlake Revelations’ readers should start thinking now about what questions.

Think about questions

The debate questions will be based on what those in the community want to know about. We will be specifically avoiding contentious tones to questions, but any relevant topic is appropriate. Feel free to drop a note at any time with comments or questions you’d like to know about. We’ll be sending a note out to all Westlake Revelations readers as we get closer, so if you are not on the list directly, please do subscribe now (

This debate is in addition to the candidates forum typically hosted by the League of Women Voters. Oak Forest Homeowners Association has hosted events in the past as well.

The City of Westlake Village is not allowed to participate in campaigns. But, Westlake Revelations can help. So, as we get into the campaigning time frame, we’ll have a separate page for each candidate on the Westlake Revelations web site. This information will not be written by Westlake Revelations, but by the candidates themselves so that you can hear their message in their words. The pages will be hosted by Westlake Revelations at no cost to the candidates so that all can participate.

More information

If you are interested in running for the Westlake Village City Council, you may want to read the earlier Westlake Revelations post — — which includes information on how to file etc… But more importantly, you should contact Beth Schott, the City Clerk at 818-706-1613.

All candidates should contact Westlake Revelations (just reply to this email) about how to post information.