Residents driving along Triunfo Canyon Road between Lindero and Three Springs drive may have noticed a large “curtain” along the greenbelt next to Westlake Lake, and wondering what it is. In short, this is a sound wall. Westlake Management Association (WLMA) is drilling a third water well (they have two in operation already) to pump water into the lake. Drought conditions have put the lake in a situation where it requires more water than the existing wells can produce. And, much of the pumping takes place during the summer.

More Details

WLMA chose this site after “extensive testing” that leads them to believe there is water at this site. Construction is slated to take 8-12 weeks, and will likely complete in July. Drilling will take place from 8am to 5pm on weekdays. When they start to fit pipe into the well, the boom will be 40-45 feet high. There’s a “defined temporary bicycle lane,” and other than a loss of parking and very small amounts of truck traffic hauling materials to and from the site, there should be little or no traffic impact during the construction.

Upon completion of the site, WLMA say that most of the equipment will be underground with one above-ground, 3 ft x 3 ft electrical box between the sidewalk and the lake.