A couple of things to clarify about the Westlake Village city council vote on funding for LVUSD’s technology programs.

First, each of the four cities pays the same amount per student. The total amount varies by the estimated student population in each district. Westlake Village (approximately $72,000) and Hidden Hills (approximately $17,000) pay their portions out of their general funds. Agoura pays out of a redevelopment fund, and Calabasas out of a trust (about $250,000 each).

Agoura’s funding is committed through the 2010-11 school year, but it’s not clear what lays beyond. Calabasas has indicated support for 2010-11, but would like to see some alternative source of funding to eventually replace this program. Hidden Hills has been supportive of the program to date.

Westlake Village’s funding of the 2009-10 school year will be voted on tonight, and there will likely be some comments about the future as well.

While widely known publicly already, it would be good to remind Westlake Revelations readers (especially newer ones) that Neil Ticktin, the founder of Westlake Revelations, lead the creation of the LVUSD Technology Strategy presented to the Board of Education in October 2010. Ticktin’s company was contracted by the district to prepare the strategy (the LVEF principally funded this project). When it became clear that the project needed to be considerably larger in scope, Ticktin and partner Andrea Sniderman, agreed to donate 80% of the time, and spread the project out over a longer period of time to make that possible.