If you’ve been wondering what the candidates think about a topic, now is your chance. You can request to ask a question yourself at the upcoming debate, or submit your question to be asked on your behalf.

Please contact Westlake Revelations by October 1st.

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Submitting Questions

If you want to come and ask a question, please drop us a note with what your question would be about (to avoid duplication of questions). Time permitting, we’re looking to have as many different questions asked as possible.

If you would prefer to have the question asked on your behalf, drop us a note with the question. Questions will remain confidential, including the source, and if representative/appropriate of the community, we’ll look to include them as part of the debate.

Obviously, we’ll be moderating the debate to avoid inappropriate conflict, to keep it interesting and within time limits, and avoid duplication of topics/questions.

About the Debate

The City Council Candidate Debate is being presented by Westlake Revelations and the Oak Forest HOA.

The event will be held at Oak Forest (on Triunfo near Lindero) in the Oak Forest Estates Clubhouse, on:

October 11, 2007

All four candidates have confirmed that they will attend. You can read
their candidate statements and follow links to candidates’ web sites at Election Central (see below).

Election Central

Remember, to aid voters in wishing to find information, and to stay informed about the candidates, news and results, Westlake Revelations has created an “Election Central” page at:

which is being regularly updated.