As you know, we’re taking a quick straw poll about the future of the old Westlake Hospital site on Lakeview Canyon near First Neighborhood. See

The straw poll is already going very well. We’ve been asked a couple of questions:

* Do we really have a choice? Yes! With most properties, the owner has extensive rights to develop it. This property is unusual with a “Public Institutional” zone. As a result, the City Council can “veto” the requests made by the developer.

* Each person in your household can vote as long as they have a separate email address. So you should definitely forward to your spouse and others if you’ve not done so.

* We won’t be releasing the results until the poll is closed as that typically can skew results in a survey.

* You can vote if you are outside of the City of Westlake Village. Just mark which city you are in (question 2).

* Your answers will be kept confidential, only statistical results will be released.

* The poll will be open through Feb 9th, but don’t wait, vote now.

* The location of the old Westlake Hospital is near First Neighborhood in Westlake Village, on Lakeview between Agoura Road and Lindero Cyn. Here’s an aerial shot (taken from the Sunrise web site).

It only takes a moment to voice your opinion in the straw poll, so if you’ve not done it, please do so now.

And, forward to others in the area that you know as the more people that can express their opinion, the better.

Vote now at:
It’s time to express your opinion!