In the wake of all the recent local news, the election for City Council of City of Westlake Village may have slipped your mind. The election was for three city council seats, with Mayor Mark Rutherford not seeking re-election after decades serving as a council member.

The three top vote getters: Halpern, McSweeney and Pearl – have been re-elected or elected as members to the City Council for the City of Westlake Village.

Until now, the County had not completed all the counts. The counts are now final from the County of Los Angeles, descending order of votes received:

Brad Halpern (incumbent): 2,527 votes
Sue McSweeney (incumbent): 2,203 votes
Ray Pearl: 1,955 votes
Ted Corwin: 1,854 votes

The City Council will review the counts submitted to the City by the County at an upcoming City Council meeting. Visually, the county shows it like this:

We hope you will join us in thanking all the candidates who ran for this essentially volunteer position in the city.