After 25+ years on the job, long-time Westlake Village City Manager Ray Taylor has announced that he’s retiring on August 1, 2018. Ray was appointed City Manager of Westlake Village just two years (1993) after being appointed mayor in Malibu when it was first incorporated as a city (1991). Taylor may continue to work part-time for the City to fill in during the period of recruitment, and possibly in transition to the new City Manager.


Full Text Press Release from City

Ray Taylor announces retirement after having served over twenty-five years as the Westlake Village City Manager.

March 22, 2018 Westlake Village, CA – Long-time City Manager Ray Taylor announced that he is retiring from the City of Westlake Village. “After giving the matter considerable thought over the last year, I’ve decided it’s time to step down,” he said. “This was an exceedingly difficult decision as I absolutely love what I do in serving our incredible community.” In making the announcement, he indicated that his last day of work will be August 1.

Taylor was appointed Westlake Village’s City Manager in January 1993 after serving as Malibu’s first City Manager following that city’s incorporation in 1991. Prior to that he served as Rolling Hills Estates’ City Manager where he worked for 10 years. Taylor has over 42 years of municipal government experience.

In his letter to the City Council announcing his upcoming retirement, Taylor stated that his tenure as the Westlake Village City Manager has been the highlight of his professional career. He also expressed his appreciation to the City Council and staff. “I want to take this opportunity to thank the City Council from the bottom of my heart for your trust and support,” he said. “You are truly outstanding, a model of decorum and civility, and an example of collaboration and problem solving in serving the best interests of the community. I have been blessed with an amazing staff as well,” he noted.

Mayor Rutherford acknowledged Taylor’s impact on the City and its exceptional quality of life. “Over the past twenty-five years, Ray’s influence on the type of community Westlake Village has become is quite remarkable,” he said. “When you look back, Ray was involved in helping shape every single City project and program that we’ve put in place over the last quarter century. The Council, staff and our residents will greatly miss Ray’s leadership, steady hand and wise counsel.”

Councilmember Sue McSweeney also offered her thoughts on Ray’s pending retirement and suggested that he was one of the reasons why she has stayed on the City Council for four terms. “He’s been such a positive influence on all of us connected to the City— both past and current Councilmembers—representing the one constant over all these years. Frankly, one of the reasons why Ray is so effective is that he has this calm, patient and confident manner and a collaborative management approach focused on finding a way to get things done efficiently and effectively,” said Councilmember McSweeney.

In his announcement to the City Council, Taylor said he was open to working part-time as the interim City Manager until a successor is appointed by the City Council. According to Mayor Rutherford, the City will be considering his offer. “We’ll be discussing this at our next regular meeting and considering Ray’s offer to fill in part-time during a competitive recruitment period,” he said. The City Council’s next regular meeting is March 28 at 6:30 p.m.