The LVMWD Board of Directors tonight moved forward with a Board of Directors vote approving both the half million dollar contract to design the water storage tank, and the rate increases. Several speakers and other comments by board members were made asking the Board to not build the tank, delay the tank project, and the same for the rate increases — outside of LVMWD, no speakers were in support of the tank nor rate increase.

Martin Jansen, of Agoura Hills, presented an idea to the Board where they could temporarily shut off irrigation uses in case of emergency. The District’s general manager indicated that he thought the solution was too expensive, and the Board asked staff to investigate the solution, but moved forward with the vote to approve the tank design contract. Director Steinhardt wanted to delay the tank vote to investigate the suggestion, but was overruled by the other board members.

It’s complex and time consuming to determine exactly what the rate increase will actually be as it varies per household, and the District’s online calculator only gives you one bill at a time of estimate, and doesn’t convey rate increases beyond the first year. Those interested in determining their direct impact, can look at the public documents on the multi-year rate increase and calculate each year’s set of rates for the water usage on each of a full year of LVMWD bills. The Board made clear that the rates that they are approving are “not to exceed” rates that may be lower in reality.

Since LVMWD does not regularly record meetings, Westlake Revelations created a simple video of the meeting and has posted it on the web. This video is now available at: for anyone to view.