LVMWD has placed two items on next week’s agenda (just released) which impact all of its customers in all five districts. These items will be voted on by the current Board — as new Board member Len Polan doesn’t take office until January (after the vote is certified, and the current term expires).

There are two major items on the agenda.

1) Vote to approve a contract for up to $497,777 to design the water storage tank. This is the first major expenditure in the $7 million project. AECOM was one of three companies responding to the request for proposal (Civiltec at $621,395, HDR at $437,100 and AECOM at $497,777). AECOM participated in the District’s “public outreach workshops” and has historical knowledge of the Las Virgenes Reservoir, Westlake Filtration Plant and related piping systems.

2) Vote to approve a variety of changes to rate structure and charges which reportedly amount to over 40% increases to customers in the next few years (even more when rate increases are compounded). This includes rate increases from LVMWD, as well as “pass through” wholesale increases from MWD (which are actually not pass through since the increase applies to the entire bill, not just the wholesale water portion). Sewer charges reportedly will fluctuate as well.

At least one Board member (Director Steinhardt), and incoming Board member (Mr. Polan), have proposed that the tank is not built at all, and instead, the $7 million used to offset rate increases for the next several years. Director Bowman, and District staff believe that the tank is necessary for the District to provide reliable water supply, although an array of questions from the public still remain unanswered.

Those who would like to voice support or opposition for the tank project and/or the rate increases should attend the the LVMWD Board Meeting on Tuesday, November 13, beginning at 5pm. Even if you don’t speak, attendance is a form of interest, support or opposition. 4232 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, CA 91302. (Just North of LVUSD’s District Office, but on the East side of Las Virgenes Road.)

As a matter of completeness, there are several other items including awards ceremony, changing dental plans, and several construction related call for bids and acceptance of completion. In addition, the County has notified LVMWD that Director Caspary will be appointed in lieu of an election since he ran unopposed. And, there’s a closed session on employee compensation and benefits.