Today, residents of Three Springs received the results from the HOA’s survey. The survey had responses from 273 of the 481 households (56.7%). The full results are below in the scan.

Key results for respondents include :

  • the majority want good cell service
  • the majority do not have good cell service
  • 80% are not willing to switch providers
  • the majority feel a cell tree at LVMWD’s site would increase or not impact property value
  • the majority believe a 25 ft cell phone tree would not be noticed
  • the majority believe a 45 ft cell phone tree would be an eyesore
  • the majority believe that good cell service does not outweigh a change to aesthetics
  • the vast majority believe that full cell service would increase or not impact their property value
  • the vast majority believe that availability of good cell service would be good for emergencies
  • 60% cannot see the top of the reservoir building from anywhere in their home.

The HOA’s conclusions include that while a majority of responses do not oppose the 25 ft tree, T-Mobile only services less than 5% of homes, so the Board declines to support the T-Mobile application. The Board continues on, however, to say that they recommend that the City consider other proposals for improved cell phone services.