Las Virgenes Municipal Water District has noticed the public that it will be presenting “the latest information on the [storage tank] project [in Westlake Village]” at its June 12th meeting. One might note that LVMWD, apparently, is skipping the part of the process where they publicly decide whether or not the tank should be constructed at all. General Manager John Mundy’s public letter says “At the following meeting on June 26, it is anticipated that the Board will select their preferred site for the tank and authorize the process of hiring a consultant to perform the design.”

Based on past presentations, the choice the Board will make will be to locate the storage tank on the edge of the reservoir nearest to Torchwood. Construction traffic is expected to go South from around the 101 up Lindero Canyon to Triunfo Canyon, up Three Springs Drive past Kirsten Lee to Torchwood. The combined tank construction and filtration plant upgrade projects are expected to take up to three years to complete.

It is the five member board who makes the ultimate decision on the location of the project through a vote currently expected on June 26. Those interested in attending or making public comments at the above LVMWD meetings can do so. The meetings start at 5pm at LVMWD’s Headquarters. 4232 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, CA 91302.

Upcoming Elections

Rather than answer these individually, here are answers to several Westlake Revelations’ reader questions about the upcoming elections.

Two of the five board members are up for re-election in November 2012: the seats currently held by Joe Bowman (District 4: Westlake Village and a bit of Agoura Hills) and Charles Caspary (District 1: Hidden Hills and much of Calabasas). Directors are elected to four year terms and the filing period for candidates is July 16th through August 10th, so we won’t know until then who officially is running.

And, to answer the questions on compensation: Unlike our local city council and school board members, water district board members receive more substantial compensation for their services. It varies from member to member on the water board, based on both how active they are as a member, how long they’ve been a member, and whether they take benefits or not.

Some additional information was recently made available on the LVMWD web site at