Tonight, Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District’s Board voted 3-0 (Directors Caspary and Steinhardt were absent) to approve the new lease agreement between LVMWD and AT&T for a tree antenna located on the south side of the water district’s building. The site is the optimum location to give Three Springs residents, and parts of the lake, coverage for AT&T wireless. While no schedule is yet in place, based on other projects, it would be reasonable to project that AT&T’s site would start serving customers by sometime in Fall 2012.

This tree would join the existing T-Mobile tree antenna at this location. A third slot for an additional carrier is possible on the LVMWD property, but neither Verizon nor Sprint (or others) have shown interest in the site to date. In 2010, 57% of Three Springs residents surveyed had AT&T for service. Alongside T-Mobile’s service, this will represents service for approximately 2/3 of Three Springs residents.