This morning, crews contracted by the City of Thousand Oaks began removal of the tree at the corner of Westlake Blvd. and Triunfo Caynon Road. (See article at

The first steps in removing a tree like this are to remove some of the smaller branches and foliage. Early in the process, the crew needed to change to different types of saws, and came down out of the tree. The major cutting had not yet begun.

At that moment, the south side of the tree came crashing down — an estimated 10,000 pounds of oak. There was no doubt left in anyone’s mind why the City needed to move so quickly — that collapse could easily have happened with a car, school bus, or pedestrians underneath it. The tree failed at the exact point predicted in the latest arborist report near a “wound” 31 feet up in the tree. No one was hurt in the collapse, as the City had cleared the street to remove the tree.

The City of Thousand Oaks has put up a dedication page for the tree at . On this page is a photo gallery with some historic photos showing the tree before the area was developed, and over time. Residents who have pictures of the tree are encouraged to send them to the City to include in the dedication page. The arborist report is also available on this page.

Plans and investigations are already well underway for what will go in place of the historic oak. Those with suggestions are encouraged to contact the City of Thousand Oaks at