Lot C, the property that has been suggested for both a Lowes location, as well a large office building, has been secured by Selleck Development Group. The property, which once sold for a reported $37 million, is now headed towards a concept review of a retail property. For those not familiar with the property, it’s on Russell Ranch Road and is visible from the 101 Freeway, but not Lindero Canyon Road.

Selleck is looking for feedback from the community and the City on the property which is currently slated to have a mixed use of retail, restaurants, and appropriate levels of parking. While there is no deal in place at this time, Selleck has confirmed that he’s actively pursuing Target stores as one of the main anchors for the development. Again, Target is being pursued, but has not agreed (as of yet) to bring a Target store to the area in this development.

A public concept review is scheduled now for June 22, 2011 at City Hall at 6:30pm for those interested.

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City of Westlake Village City Council to conduct a Concept Review for a proposal by Selleck Development Group for a retail commercial development project on Russell Ranch Road.

The City Council of the City of Westlake Village, as a part of its regular meeting on June 22, 2011, will conduct a Concept Review for a proposed retail commercial development. The proposal by Selleck Development Group calls for the development of a 235,000± square foot retail commercial shopping center to be located on approximately 20 acres on Russell Ranch Road in Planning Area ?C? of the Westlake North Specific Plan Area. All interested parties are invited to attend. The meeting will take place in the City Council Chambers, Westlake Village City Hall, 31200 Oak Crest Drive, at 6:30 p.m. on June 22, 2011.

The Concept Review is not a public hearing, and no decisions regarding the proposal will be made at its conclusion. Instead, the Concept Review will be an opportunity by the applicant to present a general development concept to the City Council and the general public, and for the applicant to receive general comments and concerns from the City Council and the public.

It is presently anticipated that the Westlake Village City Council will conduct one or more public hearings to consider the proposed project and the accompanying Draft Environmental Impact Report in early 2012. Formal notices of these public hearings will be published in the local press, posted on-site and at other public places, and otherwise provided as required by State law and the City?s Municipal Code. At the time of public hearing, all residents and other interested parties will be invited and encouraged to attend and comment on the proposed project and the Draft EIR to be prepared for the project.