One Eighty has signed an agreement which gives them the rights to the old Westlake Hospital property currently owned by HCA next to the Westminster Presbyterian Church. One Eighty is a hospitality company who would like to develop a retirement residence facility with an array of services. Representatives from One Eighty have released the full announcement (below), and answered a series of questions from Westlake Revelations.

In their own words…

“The senior living community we contemplate would be significantly smaller than the previous proposal, comprising 120-140 residences, with greater setbacks also likely. We are currently in our due diligence phase of the project, which besides the standard examination of customary physical, title, and legal matters affecting the property, in this case also includes understanding what programs and facilities would be considered valuable by the entire community, not just seniors. Hence we plan a series of meetings throughout the summer and fall in which all Westlake residents are invited to participate and provide their ideas. Gonzalez Goodale Architects, the architects for City Hall, will be lead these sessions to hopefully determine a consensus amongst the residents.

“To date we have had only introductory meetings with City, several of the HOA Presidents representing neighborhoods closest to the site, leaders of Westminster Church, and several of the neighboring property owners. We plan on continuing to extend invitations to any stakeholder group that would like to meet One-Eighty and understand more about the project, process, and how we can collaborate to fulfill everyone’s objectives to the greatest extent possible.

“As part of our due diligence we have reviewed the City’s 2015 Strategic Plan and the follow on Community Survey conducted in December 2009. From the briefest of conversations that we have had, the suggestions that have been put forward all generally comport with these two studies. In our meeting with the Westminster Church, they did raise the issue of a shared parking solution and how the project may integrate with their vision for the church going forward. We intend to attempt to incorporate items such as these, as well as other ideas brought forward by the community that balances the needs of all stakeholders.

“As for the purchase contract, certain provisions forbid us from discussing specifics, however we can confirm that the site was marketed in the $10-$11M range with what we believe is adequate time to discuss the project with the community through the end of the year and eventually seek approvals sometime next year.”

Full Release

One Eighty Signs Purchase and Sale Agreement for Westlake Village Land
Hospitality Company excited to become a part of the Westlake Village Community

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, June 21, 2011 ? One Eighty, a Seattle-based hospitality company, is excited to announce that it has entered into a purchase and sale agreement for the former HCA hospital site located at 4415 S. Lakeview Canyon Road. Currently in the due diligence process, One Eighty, with its management company, Leisure Care, has begun to develop plans for a small boutique-style retirement community to be built on the site.

?When we choose to build in a community, we do more than just build a building. We become partners of the community and work to make a positive impact on the residents of the area, the community itself, as well as those that choose to live and work with us,? said Dan Madsen, Chairman and CEO of One Eighty.

One Eighty will spend the remainder of 2011 developing plans for the retirement community and seeking input and involvement from interested Westlake Village residents, neighbors of the site, and the city council. Meetings to discuss the proposed project will be held throughout the summer and are open to the public. The first such meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 29th at 7:00pm in the Wine Cellar at the Westlake Village Inn. At this and subsequent meetings One Eighty and Leisure Care representatives will offer details on their proposed plans and solicit feedback to ensure that the community built is one that the city of Westlake Village is proud of. ?Our goal is to build a community that provides the services and amenities that will most positively benefit the city of Westlake Village, and the first step to achieving that goal is to create an open line of communication with the residents of the city,? said Madsen.

In addition to the public meetings, One Eighty has created a website, , which will provide project details, regular updates and offer a venue for community members to find answers to their questions. More details about the scheduled public meetings can also be found at this site.

About One Eighty

One Eighty is a privately-held company located in downtown Seattle, Washington. Chairman and CEO Dan Madsen has developed a combination of people, platform and pipeline focused on changing the way business is done. His drive is to make One Eighty not only a great company to work with, but also a great company to work for. Since 1988 his business philosophy has been simple ? Always put people first and positively impact the lives of employees, customers and business associates every day. This philosophy has been applied to One Eighty?s senior housing company, Leisure Care. Leisure Care operates over 35 communities and nearly 5,000 units in the United States, Canada, India and Mexico. One Eighty also owns the hospitality brands Twist TravelSM, PrimeFitSM and EdibilitySM. For more information visit