The City of Westlake Village recently voted on a few transportation related issues.

The City has renewed the agreement with Prime Time Shuttle for three years (through June 30, 2014). Under the Airport Shuttle program, residents may purchase one-way vouchers to either Burbank or LAX airports for $36 and $39, respectively for a shared ride or exclusive van vouchers to Burbank or LAX Airports for $74 and $79, respectively. The vouchers can be purchased at City Hall. Previously, the City was subsidizing this program, but that won’t continue. That said, the City has negotiated rates that are lower than advertised rates for services.

Westlake Village Transit is a fixed route system serving youths attending White Oak Elementary, St. Jude, Lindero Canyon Middle and Agoura High schools. This program has been operating at approximately break even compared to sales tax revenues collected in the County collected in current or prior years. Sales tax revenue has dropped significantly yielding considerably less support from Propositions A & C restricted funds, and there has also been a drop in ridership. The fares have not increased price since 2005 (and the City has resisted having fares with change involved [e.g., $1.50] which could be cumbersome). All combined, the City was looking at an $80,000 shortfall for the current programs for the coming year. Instead, the City is combining rider fee increases, with $6,830 from the City’s unrestricted general fund budget, as well as a reduction in costs to make up for the $80,000 shortfall. The City is renewing its contract with Durham for five more years. For the 2011/12 year, passes will increase price by 20%, and the daily ride prices will go from $1 to $2. With lower ridership, the City says it is optimizing the schedule to reduce the number of buses from five to four.

Dial-A-Ride, the service for senior, teen and disabled citizens, has been operated by MV Transportation which has been using City of Thousand Oaks owned or leased vehicles. Thousand Oaks has informed MV that they will not be able to do this any longer. Westlake Village will now be contracting directly with the City of Thousand Oaks for these services. Rate increase from $.50 one-way/$.75 round-trip to $2.25 each way with an additional increase to $3.00 each way starting in June of 2012. Change the minimum age requirement for rides on the Senior DAR program from 60 years of age to 65 years of age (although current riders under 65 will continue riding — the City will contact them directly). Westlake riders will be able to travel anywhere in Thousand Oaks, no limitations. Travel to Agoura Hills will be limited to medical or work related rides only.

Full Details

Full details from the City of Westlake Village are in the staff report available at:

Click to access Agenda060811.pdf