While Westlake Revelations always strives to be accurate, sometimes things need clarification or correction even after a fact check. Two corrections/clarifications on Westlake Revelations stories from the past week.

First, on the T-Mobile web site, the article mentioned “bureaucratic hold” which some people took as caused by bureaucracy (e.g., the County or City). This is not the case. The hold was completely caused by T-Mobile’s contractor hiring an inspector covering the wrong county. The bureaucratic process simply had the checks in place to put this project on hold until the contractor could resolve their error.

Second, there’s a fair amount of confusion around the dollar amounts that LVMWD is increasing their support by to LVUSD. LVMWD is increasing its support to LVUSD. The LVMWD Board has tentatively voted to increase support by approximately $88,500 on top of the $18,500 it already provides in cash to the school district for up to approximately $107,000 of support for Science programs for Grades 4/5. The remainder from the original $101,000 (now $83k) it currently allocates for K-12 education programs may continue to take place through other channels (as it does now). This is all pending confirmation that enough of the curriculum matches the goals of LVMWD for education on water usage, environment and conservation. In addition to LVUSD, the water district also works with private schools, Oak Park USD, Conejo USD and conducts outreach to home-schooled students.