The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Malibu/Lost Hills Station would like residents to know about some of the crime fighting resources they have at hand. Once a day, information about local crimes is uploaded to the Sheriff’s system and shared with

If you are interested in seeing more about what crimes are happening with the ability to focus on certain addresses or date ranges, is a resource you can use. See the full announcement from LA County Sheriff Dept below.

Full Announcement from LA County Sheriff Dept

One of the most effective ways to fight crime is to have as much information as possible about the crime in question: when it happened, where it happened, why it happened and the identity of the suspect. Law enforcement deputies, detectives, and crime analysts are trained to collect and interpret this type of information, and find innovative solutions to stop the criminal activity occurring in specific areas. Technology is constantly evolving to enhance the overall efficiency of law enforcement, allowing safety officials to analyze information in a more comprehensive method. Let me introduce you to what is considered a breakthrough in the world of law enforcement, has assisted participating law enforcement agencies since 1992. This website was developed as a way to provide information to citizens about the crimes in their area, in hopes that a better informed community will help to reduce criminal activity. According to’s website, “Creating more self-reliance among community members is a great benefit to community oriented policing efforts everywhere and has been proven effective in combating crime.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department uses a database named “LARCIS” (Los Angeles Regional Crime Information System) to input all crime statistics. After deputies gather information from victims, that information is entered into the database by Malibu/Lost Hills Station secretaries. Every 24 hours, this information is automatically shared with the database and is uploaded to their website and made available to the public. This user-friendly website allows the public to search for crimes that have occurred in their area as recently as from the previous day. Users enter their policy agency into the search bar, and view the results in a map-style format. Icons will alert viewers about the type of crime that has occurred, when and where it occurred, as well as a short description of the crime.

Station detectives are using this resource as well. Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Crime Analyst Louise Ramirez is responsible for gathering and analyzing crime statistics and developing a comprehensive view of what is happening in our area. For example, the website assisted Ramirez in discovering that residential burglaries in our area have increased within the last month. In viewing these crime stats, Ramirez can see that certain neighborhoods in both Calabasas and areas in Malibu have had higher-than-normal incidents of homes broken into during specific hours of the day. She can see that most burglaries occurred when windows and doors were left unlocked. helps Ramirez to see these trends, information she can then present to station detectives who strategize methods to combat the problem.

The Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station realizes that working together with the community we serve will only enhance the way we fight crime. Technology such as has assisted our station in visualizing patterns and helps supervisors to identify times, area, and trends of criminal activity so that they can maximize their efforts to prevent crime. This technology assists law enforcement in analyzing the need for increased directed patrol time by deputies in areas being targeted by suspects, and the strategic use of the Volunteers on Patrol Program, bike patrol, and neighborhood watch programs. The more information that people are provided with, the better prepared they are to deter and prevent crime in their own community. The Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station is very optimistic about the opportunity to partner with the citizens in our area, and they want to urge everyone to explore to familiarize themselves with the criminal activity occurring in their community.