The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District made the following announcement:

“The Westlake Filtration Plant, which treats water from Las Virgenes Reservoir in Westlake Village, came online on Thursday August 26, the latest summer-season start in the history of that facility. Customers in the west end of the LVMWD service area may notice a slight change in the taste and scent of their water, which is normal. Water from the reservoir is fully treated, tested and safe to drink before being sent into the LVMWD distribution system.

Water from Las Virgenes Reservoir is used during times of peak demand to supplement water supplies delivered to the service area from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. In previous years, the Westlake Filtration Plant often came online in late June or early July. A cooler summer and ongoing water conservation practices by LVMWD customers resulted in the plant remaining in “standby” mode until the recent onset of summer heat.”