It’s the time of year for the city council to vote for a new mayor. As covered in earlier Westlake Revelations articles, the residents elect the city council members for four year terms. The city council, in turn, once a year elects a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Tonight, each of these positions were selected as well as a surprise announcement about the joint City/Y sports park.

Changing of the Guard

First, the city council certified the election results re-electing Ned Davis and Philippa Klessig as council members. They were sworn in immediately after.

The outgoing mayor, Ned E. Davis, made a number of comments wrapping up his year as mayor thanking his family, fellow council members, and so many others for their support. Each of the council members offered, each in their own way, their appreciation for Mr. Davis’ service.

The council elected Susan McSweeney as the new Mayor, and Philippa Klessig as the Mayor Pro Tem. This is Mayor McSweeney’s third term as mayor. Mayor Pro Tem Klessig has served in this role previously. The city council elected both positions unanimously Judge Larry Mira swore in the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Judge Lawrence J. Mira has honored the city in this role for the past 25 years.

After the Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem were sworn in, Mayor McSweeney introduced David Murdock to make some comments about the joint City/Y project.

Comments about the Sports Park Project

David Murdock spoke about the experience of Mrs. McSweeney talking to him about the new Sports Park. Mr. Murdock said he “came here somewhat reluctantly,” having known Mayor McSweeney for “over 10 years.” As the largest taxpayer in the City, Mrs. McSweeney asked Murdock for support of the new park.

Murdock says that they are hoping to build the project all at once, but warns that major fundraising will be needed. He’s going to be making some substantive personal contributions, but more importantly, will work to fundraise on behalf of the project — pushing everyone to give “a bit of money” and “give what they can.”

As a healthful living proponent, Murdock says he’d like to encourage others to take advantage of the new facility (powered by solar). Dole will be renting facilities from the non-profit providing healthy food. Murdock says the facility will have everything from a skateboard park, running path, picnic areas, gazebos, swimming pools, family fitness center, locker rooms, children’s watch rooms, and the Y will be a major park. He strongly encouraged those to come and enjoy the healthful food offerings that he expects to be served at the park. The park will include soccer and baseball fields. Because of the facilities “health, health, health” focus, Murdock thinks this is one of the best additions to the community.

In addition, Mayor McSweeney specifically called out the generosity of the Doug and Penny Yarrow. The Yarrows have been not only part of City government but also the Y for many years. And, have made huge contributions of time and money to the sports park project as well as other needs in the area.