The city council had its annual reorganization meeting. In this meeting, the city certified the election results, a farewell to outgoing council member Jim Bruno, swearing in of the new council members, and the election tonight of the new Mayor (Philippa Klessig) and Mayor Pro-tem (Robert Slavin).

Election Results

The vote was certified by the city council as is required by law. Part of the report by the City Staff was that the typographical error that a public speaker reported last month was investigated and that it had no bearing on the election. The provisional votes changed the counts to the final results being less than 85 between candidates.

Council member Mark Rutherford noted that for every council in the history of the city, there has always been exactly 3 males, and 2 females on the council.

Jim Bruno Farewell

Jim Bruno was thanked publicly by not only the Mayor of Westlake Village, but also in a letter written by Dan Kuperberg, the Mayor of Agoura Hills. Mr. Bruno presented plaques from the City of Calabasas, City of Hidden Hills, as well as from the State and County representatives, the Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village Regional Chamber of Commerce, the LA County Fire Department, as well as from a citizen representing some of the residents of Westlake Village.

Mr. Bruno gave a farewell speech that included some comments to the council for things he would suggest for the future. This included the reinstatement of the moment of silence/prayer, and a rotation of all of the committees including the land use committee.

New Council Members

Both Philippa Klessig and Ned Davis were sworn in as council members for their four year terms as city council members. Both candidates made a series of comments regarding the campaign, and what they see for the future. They both also invited people to contact them with ideas, issues and more. And, of course, they both thanked all the people that helped to get them to be (re-)elected.

New Mayor

Sue McSweeney nominated Philippa Klessig for Mayor, and Bob Slavin seconded the motion. Philippa was elected 5-0 unanimously by the council.

For Mayor Pro-tem, Mark Rutherford nominated Bob Slavin, and Ned Davis seconded the motion. Bob was elected 5-0 unanimously by the council as Mayor Pro-tem.

Both will serve terms from tonight through late-2008.

In her first comments as the new Mayor, Philippa Klessig spoke about building on the promises of “our one of the kind city.” She spoke of hearing ideas while on the campaign trail, focusing on new services, a community center, a focus on the arts, water issues and “go green” initiatives, sidewalks and lighting, and lastly “healthy communities” to promote the general health of the city’s residents.