This information as of 11am, Saturday morning.

There’s another fire in Malibu this morning — called the “Corral Fire”. It’s already burned about 35 homes in developments at Malibu Bowl, Latigo Canyon, and the Seabreeze areas.

2200 acres have been burned, and 10,000-14,000 people have already been evacuated. The current evacuation area is bordered by Mulholland Drive to the North; the coast line to the South, including Point Dume; Corral Canyon to the East; and Trancas Canyon to the West.

This fire started at 3:30am about 7 miles from Westlake Village (near the “Malibu Bowl”). The fire has headed West, and the fire department is making a stand to keep the fire East of Kanan Dume Road. Kanan hits PCH at around Point Dume which is due South of Westlake Village. (Kanan/PCH intersection is 7.2 miles from southern tip of the reservoir as a point of reference.)

The winds are currently shifting coming from the West and off the ocean, which will help the fire fighters. The consequence of this is that we may see a whole lot more smoke as a result of the smoke headed towards Westlake Village and the rest of the Conejo Valley.

Last report was that they were all over this fire — 23 aircraft, several hundred firefighters, etc… So there appears to be ample resources to work on the fire, and is made easier because there are not a whole slew of fires around the state to compete with. Cause of the fire still under investigation.