Tue night this week, the Board of Education for the Las Virgenes Unified School District met in one of their regular meetings. There were a number of people present to lend their opinions about the location for the CLC that we wrote about earlier this week.

This afternoon, the Superintendent made a decision: CLC will not be located at Lindero Canyon Middle School. It will be placed at A.E. Wright. The complete (but concise) text of Dr. Smyser’s memo is below for your perusal.

According to the CLC founders, currently, “enrollment projections indicate that LVCLC will require a total of 13 classrooms. Space in the ‘back’ of the campus is currently being considered, including the ‘B’ building, and Rooms 3, 4, 7, & 8. Final decisions regarding classrooms, fencing, bathrooms, and drinking fountains has NOT yet been determined.”


From Sandra Smyser, PhD.
Las Virgenes Unified School District

After much consideration and input from a variety of constituents, I have decided to place the districts’ new alternative education program (Community Learning Center – CLC) on A.E. Wright Middle School’s campus, scheduled to open in September. This decision was not made lightly.

I considered other sites including Indian Hills, Buttercup Westlake, splitting the program into vacant rooms at several elementary schools, and a short-term use of old Yerba Buena. It became clear to me that A.E. Wright was the best option in terms of addressing all of the concerns and needs that were presented due to the number of available classrooms and total acreage of the site.

The Board has given me and my staff an ambitious task of establishing this program in the fall. My goals are to accommodate the concerns and needs of the A.E. Wright students, staff and parents while insuring that the CLC can begin operation as smoothly as possible.

We will immediately begin the planning and development process with representatives from A.E. Wright, the CLC and our facilities department. I appreciate everyone’s willingness to work together to make this process successful and bring a new program to our students and community.