The City of Westlake Village will conduct a concept review of a senior housing project at former Westlake Hospital site on Lakeview Canyon Road at it’s regular meeting on March 28th. No decision or vote will be made on the 124 unit facility, but it’s a chance for the council and community to get a preview and comment, and state concerns.

Full Announcement
City of Westlake Village City Council to conduct a Concept Review for a proposal by One Eighty for a senior housing project at former Westlake Hospital site on Lakeview Canyon Road.

The City Council of the City of Westlake Village, as a part of its regular meeting on March 28, 2012, will conduct a Concept Review for a proposed senior housing development. The proposal by One Eighty, the parent company of Leisure Care, calls for the development of 124 attached residential units and accessory uses comprising a senior citizen residential project to be located at the former Westlake Hospital property at 4415 Lakeview Canyon Road. All interested parties are encouraged to attend. The meeting will take place in the City Council Chambers, Westlake Village City Hall, 31200 Oak Crest Drive, at 6:30 p.m. on March 28, 2012.

The Concept Review is not a public hearing, and no decisions regarding the proposal will be made at its conclusion. Instead, the Concept Review will be an opportunity by the potential developer to present a general development concept to the City Council and the general public, and for the applicant to receive general comments and concerns from the City Council and the public.

An application has not been filed by the applicant at this time, but may be filed after the Concept Review. If an application is received, it is anticipated that the Westlake Village City Council will conduct one or more public hearings to consider the proposed project in late 2012. Formal notices of these public hearings will be published in the local press, posted on-site and at other public places, and otherwise provided as required by State law and the City’s Municipal Code. At the time of public hearing, all residents and other interested parties will be invited and encouraged to attend and comment on the proposed project and the Draft EIR to be prepared for the project.