Dan Selleck is a developer who has proposed a center at Lot “C” — where Lowes once proposed a project. As the EIR period closes, the City Council will soon be voting on this proposal.

It’s time for area residents (including those outside of City of Westlake Village) to speak up as to what they would like to see within this project — for example: store and restaurant types, and even if you want something like an In n’ Out Burger. This is not a survey about if the development should be approved as proposed — that’s a different question that the City Council will consider.

If you have an opinion on what you would like to see in this development if it is approved, go now to:

and fill out the survey.

This is a great opportunity to speak up — it should take you less than 3 minutes total. The survey will remain open for one week — until March 26th — but don’t wait, do it now before you forget.