There is a ton of confusion about right now. This information is current as of 4:30pm Mon.

If you are NORTH of the 101 highway in the City of Westlake Village, you may repopulate.
If you are SOUTH of the 101 highway, you are still under MANDATORY EVACUATION.

Some people have reportedly been told by individual fire personnel, not familiar with the overall situation, that it is “probably ok” or safe to return. The senior management of the fire department and the City have a different message, based on a high-level and strategic view of the dangers: and that is you are under MANDATORY EVACUATION. If you are in Three Springs, First Neighborhood, or any of the areas in the City of Westlake Village SOUTH of the 101 Freeway— please leave now.

Current dangers include fire over the ridge towards the ocean, continue hot spots, and winds blowing embers to name a few. If you are in the evacuation zone, you are there against the wishes of the City and Fire efforts. There are many examples of people that thought it was safe because an area was burned, only to find out otherwise. You may have heard the example of the Mayor of Malibu, who didn’t heed the evacuation orders and now has not only lost his house, but is in the ICU.

Road Closures:
Many are asking about local street road closures. These are closed because we are under MANDATORY EVACUATION. They are expected to remain closed until the evacuation is lifted, and residents can repopulate.

Las Virgenes Unified School District has just announced that schools will be closed through Thanksgiving.